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Renaissance Woman 

a person who is well educated and sophisticated; she has a talent and knowledge in many different fields of study.
Althea has earned the nickname, The Renaissance Woman, by excelling in several areas. She is a sought-after speaker, wellness expert, author and outdoor enthusiast.
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Whether you’re in the mood for insightful lessons on entrepreneurship (Twenty) or steamy fiction (Losing Control) Althea’s published books won’t disappoint.  

Holistic Wellness

Althea uses her gifts to counsel clients from all walks of life through major, life-changing events while managing life’s twists, turns and surprises – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Experience life limitlessly through travel with Althea’s AYM Retreats. Experience climbing waterfalls, meditating under stars, or doing sunrise Yoga in exotic locations. 


Althea has a soulful and sultry voice perfect for emceeing pageants, receptions, and formal events. As DJ RENAZANS, her skills on the turntables will take your event from memorable to unforgettable.