“Books allow us to escape or enhance our own reality, and each journey is wonderfully unique.”
~Althea Lawton Thompson 

About the Author 

I’ve always loved to read. I can spend hours in a library, carefully choosing novels to check out and devour during stolen, quiet moments. Even with technology, I still prefer physically turning the page of a book, folding down the ear of a page to remind me where I am when I reluctantly have to put it down.

I never thought of myself as a writer, even after I saw my first article in a magazine. It took a while to accept the fact that retelling a humorous story about my children in my blog, sharing the vulnerable emotions of losing my friend to cancer in a magazine article, or losing myself in the lives of the fictional characters I created for my book were the very definition of “author”. Sometimes it’s easier for me to express myself in writing than in speech. Now I know – I am not only a voracious reader, but I am also a phenomenally creative writer. Visit Althea’s Blog >>


Losing Control: When You’re Forced to Let Go

circle_z_v1Zuma is a high level marketing executive. Intelligent, ambitious and manipulative, she’s powered her way up the corporate ladder and into a cozy corner office. But being the only Black woman executive at Shearing Wireless has its drawbacks, and Zuma’s had to get her hands a little dirty to stay at the top. Suddenly, all of her hard work might now be in jeopardy, thanks to a company merger and a pesky intern named Iris Pena.

IrisIris is just trying to satisfy her internship requirement – or at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. Beautiful, young and vivacious, Iris charms Shearing Wireless in ways the stunning, yet cold, Zuma Harris could never hope. Juggling corporate espionage, a blooming love life, and issues with her increasingly handsome best friend are becoming more than she can handle. Does Iris have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with her conniving mentor? And will she be able to do it without breaking a few hearts along the way?


Losing Control Book Trailer


Twenty: The Twenty Most Important Lessons I Learned in Twenty Years of Entrepreneurship

Twenty is insightful, truthful, and genuine. Althea keeps it real with this honest behind-the-scenes reflection of the twenty-year journey of defining her brand, growing her businesses, and experiencing life. The learning lessons shared in this book are more than how-to tips for manifesting your dreams – they are nuggets of wisdom for personal growth. Althea shares valuable lessons and knowledge that every person and entrepreneur should be equipped with, such as…

  • Learning to listen to your inner voice
  • Being courageous enough to fall
  • Maintaining a foundation of financial support
  • Believing in the supernatural
  • Finding and monetizing your passion
  • And much more…