“Wellness is more than diet and exercise. It’s how we think, feel, speak and connect to ourselves, one another and nature.”
~ Althea Lawton-Thompson


Althea is more than a 20-year certified personal trainer, exercise instructor and registered Yoga teacher – she is also a clairsentient, clairaudient intuitive empath and spiritual guide. Clairsentience is the ability to strongly feel the vibrations and emotions of people, animals, spirits, and places. Clairaudience is the clear hearing of messages telepathically – audibly or in the mind – from people, animals, nature and the spirit world. An intuitive empath feels another person’s emotions and can scan their energy for thoughts, feelings and past/present/future life occurrences. Intuitively, this type of empath subconsciously and clearly receives guidance to help others. Althea has used these gifts, along with vivid dream messages, to assist hundreds of clients in managing life’s twists, turns and surprises. Combining exercise, nutrition and spiritual balancing, she has guided adults & children from all walks of life into healthy lifestyles – physically and emotionally. 

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Private Sessions

Schedule a phone conversation, Skype session, or an in-person private appointment with Althea.  She can help you improve your fitness, wellness, and focus; balance your emotional energy; make a difficult decision; overcome blocks from the past; manage your fear; deal with painful loss; and manifest your intentions.

Phone or Video

Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation for $50, or a 60-minute phone consultation for $75. Prefer a little more virtual face time? Schedule a 30-minute Skype session for $75 or a 60-minute session for $99. 

Private In-Person

Schedule a 60-minute  in-person session at your Atlanta-area home, office or in Althea’s Buckhead office for $125. Need more time? Schedule a 90-minute session for $199. 

Group Session

Schedule a one-hour group session for up to twenty people at your Atlanta-area location for $295. Add $75 for each additional hour. Contact us to schedule Althea for your group outside the Atlanta metro area. 


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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness


Althea Lawton-Thompson is the Founder and Director of Aerobics, Yoga & More (AYM Fitness), a corporate wellness firm that provides certified and licensed instructors and health care providers to companies, medical facilities, schools and religious institutions for fitness classes and health education. Clients include Heidelberg USA, Airwatch, Cintas, Cigna, United Way, the FlatIron Building, Oglethorpe Power, and Gwinnett County Public Schools.
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